A Look At Our Past 11/24/2022

From the pages of the Crawford County Avalanche
23 Years Ago
November 24, 1999
Local Sportsman Bud Hunter, 85, got his deer on opening day.  Hunter, who was featured in an Avalanche article two weeks ago, said he almost decided not to head out, but did, and shot a deer on November 15, opening day o November 15, opening day of firearm deer season.  “Now I can go get another one,” he said with enthusiasm.
Susan Briney shares family time with sister Barb Hagaman, brother, James, and sister Jeanne Crouch during her hospitalization for a stem cell transplant in her battle with mylofibrosis.  The procedure is similar to a bone marrow transplant.  The Briney family is hoping to bring awareness to the importance of signing up for donor ship.
46 Years Ago
November 25, 1976
David McEvers, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ted McEvers, Grayling, has been sworn into the State Bar of Michigan.  He has opened a law office on Huron Street.
Mr. and Mrs. Derek McEvers have purchased Sorenson’s Funeral Home.  The Funeral Home has been serving this community for 80 years.
69 Years Ago
November 26, 1953
A pinto albino deer was shot near Hartwick Pines State Park last week by hunters from downstate.  The buck was a “beautiful looking animal, white with brown spots, had five points and weighed 105 pounds when dressed.”  This kind of albino is very rare and that one out of every thousand is ever seen or taken.
Two Detroit police officers, northbound for Gaylord on a deer-hunting trip were both instantly killed on “Dead Man’s” curve on M-76, 11 miles south of Grayling when their car left the highway and crashed into a tree.  The car was traveling over 60 miles per hour and the driver apparently failed to see the sharp curve because of the rain-soaked blacktopped highway.
Mrs. Maggie Leverton is carrying her left hand in a bandage, having received severe burns while trying to put out a fire that threatened her home in Beaver Creek.
92 Years Ago
November 27, 1930
Grant Thompson is the new telegraph operator at Frederic, taking the place of R.K. Gunther.  The Thompsons will move to Grayling from Kawkawlin to make their home.
Albert Funch shot a big white Arctic owl Wednesday that measured four feet seven inches from tip to tip.
115 Years Ago
November 28, 1907
F.E. McLinden of Frederic has bought the merchandise stock, furniture and fixtures of the big store of S.J. Yates.
George McCullough went hunting and brought home a nice deer.  It will take longer to get shaved now.
Mrs. Luke Tryon is here visiting for the first time in 21 years, the guest of Mrs. J.S. Harrington.  The Tryon’s were the 15th family to locate in Grayling and built the pretentious home, which has been used by Benson as a millinery shop and ow a part of the Russell Hotel.  She is surprised by the many changes from a wilderness to the beautiful village now.

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