Business changes its name to Jade Aubrie Hair Studio to reflect on growth

A local hair studio started 2020 with a growth in staff and services offered and a new name to reflect the changing times.
The Jade Aubrie Hair Studio, located at 6264 West-72 Highway, opened for business after a renovation and remodeling project was completed on January 12.
Formerly known as Tahiti Tans, which operated in Grayling for 13 and a half years, the business ownership has changed.
Now owned by sisters Ashley Tobias and Chelsey Devault, the Jade Aubrie Hair Studio is a tip of the hat to family as they are the middle names of their respective daughters.
The name change is also attributed to distancing itself from the tanning business.
“We restructured the primary focus of our business on hair services and we decreased the tanning service, however, we still offer tanning as a service,” Tobias said. “It’s just not the primary focus of the establishment anymore. It’s doing hair.”
The expansion has allowed the Jade Aubrie Hair Studio to bring on Melissa Pickard as a new stylist.
“We now have more stylists to offer more hair services,” Tobias said. “That’s the purpose behind our restructuring.”
The business closed on December 31 to expand the hair studio, bring in new furnishings, and to add top-end industry equipment.
“We invested a lot of time and energy into creating an atmosphere that clients will feel relaxed in, that will be comfortable, and elegant,” Tobias said.
At the same time of the remodeling project, the bottom half of the business was renovated to provide room for a stylist, massage therapy, and  other types of services.
“There will be an extension to the salon to add services and grow in our industry,” Tobias said.
Tobias has 17 years of experience as a stylist, Devault has 12 years, and  Pickard has six years of service in the industry. 
“We’ve been very happy to please our community for the last 13 years, and we look forward to more growth, and we’re happy to be able to add more services and serve more of the community, and we have more fun things coming soon,” Tobias said.
The Jade Aubrie Hair Studio kept one of its top- of-the-line tanning units, which is now available on a self-service basis.
“It’s a little different style than how we used to run it, but customers are liking it so far,” Tobias said.
Customers are encouraged to follow the Jade Aubrie Hair Studio on Facebook to learn about specials and new promotions.
The Jade Aubrie Hair Studio is open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, and from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturday.
The phone number for the Jade Aubrie Hair Studio is (989) 344-8454.

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