Concerns raised over proposed location of bicycle repair station on county land

After some initial discussions last week, Crawford County officials opted to slow down on plans to have a bicycle repair station located on property that runs adjacent to a bike path.
The Grayling Main Street Program’s Design Committee and Stacy McIsaac and Kate DeVries-McIsaac, the owners of Tip n’ The Mitten, raised funds to purchase bike racks, which are located in the downtown business district.
The Design Committee submitted a grant to the Grayling Promotional  Association to purchase two bicycle maintenance stations, which was approved.
The stations include a rack to hold and lock up to six bicycles, an air pump, screwdrivers, wrenches, and tire levers.
The repair stations, which are coming from Belson Outdoors based in Naperville, Illinois, cost about $4,654.
One repair station will be located on property next to Thank A Latte and Flowers by Josie, downtown businesses owned by Ernie Dawson.
Crawford County Administrator Paul Compo said a second bicycle repair station has been proposed to be placed in the grassy area between a fence which blocks access to the railroad and the parking lot at the county building.
Although the bike rack would be removed during the winter months, a pole to hold the bicycle maintenance station would be there year-round.
Compo said the station would not impact parking or snow removal from the parking lot.
County Commissioner Phil Lewis questioned if there was a big demand for the station.
“It’s not so much there there is a big call for it, but it is a bike path,” Compo said.
The same area is used for a snowmobile trail, which is groomed and maintained by the AuSable Valley Snowmobile Association.
The Crawford County Board of Commissioners at its regular monthly meeting on Thursday, June 28, directed Compo to gather more details regarding the proposal.
Concerns were expressed about a snowmobile hitting the pole and liability being placed on the county if an injury occurred.
“There’s got to be someway where it will be out of the  way or we can mark it so it’s clearly visible,” Compo said.
Leaders for the Grayling Department of Public Works said they would prefer the stations be located away from sidewalks and brick areas.
Shelly Pinkelman, chairwoman for the Crawford County Board of Commissioners, said she thought the bicycle maintenance station would be better suited to be placed in the Grayling City Park. 
“I just think that is the wrong location, but I could be wrong,” she said.

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