Denholm Family Chiropractic celebrates 20th anniversary in business

As spring officially begins, the staff at Denholm Family Chiropractic is heating things up with a celebration and special offers to mark their 20th year in business.
Dr. Craig Denholm started his practice in Grayling in March of 1998 in a small office on Huron Street.
A native of Gaylord, Denholm said his brother sparked his interest in becoming a chiropractor   while taking a road trip to visit their sister.
“On the drive from Flint to St. Ignace, he burned my ear the whole way about how he hurt his back on the job, and they wanted to do back surgery on him, but he went to a chiropractor, and the chiropractor had him back to work in two weeks,” Denholm recalled.
Denholm earned his degree from the Palmer College of Chiropractic located in Davenport, Iowa in 1984. He completed his undergraduate work at the University of Michigan.
Denholm has worked at chiropractic practices for 34 years in Flint, Lapeer, Traverse City and Decker. He was practicing and living in Gaylord when he got to know patients from Grayling and decided to open his own practice in the community.
“We’re really glad we came to Grayling,” Denholm said. “Grayling has been really good for us. I really like the people in Grayling.”
Denholm said his drive to help his patients keeps him going.
“I love helping people,” he said. “We get to see a lot of people, and help a lot of people with a lot of different issues, from pain issues to health issues to wellness issues. It’s been fun.”
Although there have some drastic changes in health care over the last several years, Denholm said the tried-and-true chiropractic techniques help mend patients who seek out his services.
“We’re trying to treat people naturally without using drugs or surgery,” he said. “We’re trying to keep people healthy.”
One of the biggest changes in the practice has been switching to using computers and  electronic health records.
“Everything is computer-based now, but I’m kind of old school, and I prefer paper,” Denholm said.
Social media has also played a bigger part in the practice, promoting services and products that are available. 
“It gives us an opportunity to keep information in the patient’s hands, so when we come across something that is interesting, we can just blast it out to them and they can pick up articles and things of interest,” Denholm said.
When Denholm started in Grayling, he answered the phones, did billing, completed x-rays and treated patients. 
Denholm Family Chiropractic moved to its current location,  6838 M-93 Highway South, in 2000.
The team at Denholm Family Chiropractic now has nine employees, including four massage therapists.
“You just have to go with the flow because things change,” Denholm said.
Dr. Kyle Denholm followed his father’s footsteps and worked in Grayling for two years, starting in 2007 after he graduated from the Palmer College of Chiropractic. 
“We gave him a week off and put him to work,” Denholm said.
Kyle Denholm opened his own practice in Petoskey in 2009.
A special celebration themed “Tropical Tune-Up Month” is being held at Denholm Family Chiropractic to mark the 20th year in business. New patient exams are being offered for $20 and new patient x-rays are priced at $120 through the end of March.
An open house will be held from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  on Thursday, March 29, to celebrate the anniversary, featuring snacks made with coconut oil, which can help boost patient’s immunity and metabolism.
“We wanted to make it fun and colorful,” Denholm said.

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