Election Results – the numbers are in

All local millages pass

The numbers are in for the 2018 General Election.

In the 5th District race for County Commissioner, Carey Jansen beat Hailey Halstead, 474 votes to 407 votes.

The three top vote-getters for the CASD School Board were Stacey Huber with 2,287 votes, Wendy Kucharek with 2,138 votes, and Lori Johnson with 1,941 votes. These three will take seats on the school board. Falling just short in that race were Carol Ramaswamy with 1,597 votes, Mark Snyder with 1,469 votes, and Lon Gauthier with 1,251 votes.

All other local races on the ballot were uncontested.

Elsewhere on the ballot, the three county-wide millage proposals all were approved by voters. The Police Protection Millage Renewal passed, 3,977 votes to 2,095 votes. The Police Protection Millage Proposal was approved, 3,449 votes to 2,642 votes. And the Recreation Millage Proposal passed, 3,171 votes to 2,897 votes.

The CASD Millage Renewal was approved by voters, 3,528 to 1,676 votes.

Watch for complete election details as they are updated on this Crawford County Avalanche website, and in the November 15 print edition of the Crawford County Avalanche.


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