Kirtland Community College Board of Trustees approves construction expenditure for new building and Biggby Coffee at Grayling campus

At the November 21 board meeting, Kirtland Community College’s Board of Trustees approved expenditures for a Biggby Coffee franchise and up to $20 million for the construction of a third building, both at the Grayling campus.
The decision advances the third phase of the Grayling campus development, announced in June 2019. The new building will be approximately 85,000 square feet and will adjoin with the current buildings. Construction for the new building will begin in spring 2020 and will be open for use in the fall of 2021. Once the building opens, all programs on the Roscommon campus will fully transition to Grayling.
In addition to the third building, the purchase of a Biggby Coffee franchise was also approved by the board. Biggby Coffee, a Michigan-based company, has over 235 locations across eight states and sells specialty coffee and tea beverages, snacks such as bagels and muffins, smoothies and more. Construction will start as soon as January, and the college expects the coffee shop to bring in business beyond student and faculty, as there are limited options for specialty coffee nearby. 
“We’re creating a culture of learning not only for students, but for our community as a whole by offering the newest, most advanced facilities and building spaces that are accessible to the public,” said Kirtland president Dr. Tom Quinn.
Plans for the new building include learning spaces for several existing programs including Art, Criminal Justice, the Kirtland Police Academy, and Automotive Technology. A print shop and campus maintenance spaces will also be incorporated. In addition to classroom spaces, the project includes a multi-functional event center – open to the public for use – which will host college athletics, Police Academy training, community education courses, and more.
The next step in the development is accepting bids from contractors to launch construction. Kirtland encourages local contractors to bid, as there are multiple projects available for hire within the new building. 
Funding for the development stems from the college’s $16 million bond sale, as well as reserves built over several years. The project has no effect on taxes, and progress on construction will be reported at board meetings, which are open to the public. 
A recent economic impact analysis from Emsi found that Kirtland contributes $63 million in income to its service area, which includes the following counties: Gladwin, Roscommon, Ogemaw, Oscoda, Crawford, Otsego, Kalkaska, Alcona, and Missaukee. The report also found that students receive $5.60 in return for every dollar spent on education at Kirtland, and that government and community members receive $9.10 for every dollar invested in the college.
“Our goal is not only to set students up for successful careers, but also to transform the trajectory of higher education in our community, making it more accessible and affordable for everyone in the 42 plus zip codes that our campus serves,” said Dr. Quinn.
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Established in 1966, Kirtland Community College is a two-year college that serves over 17 communities as the largest Michigan community college district. The college offers 38 degrees and certifications across four campuses. 

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