5th annual Father’s Day Skate Competition held in Grayling on Saturday

The Grayling Skate Park, located next to City Hall on City Boulevard, hosted the fifth annual Father’s Day Skate Competition on Saturday afternoon, and 10 skateboarders participated.
Overall numbers were down a little bit this year for the competition. Event organizers said rain in the forecast probably affected the number of competitors. Weather for the event was partly cloudy, partly sunny, warm, no rain.
The 2017 Father’s Day Skate Competition featured three divisions: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Each skateboarder in each division had three one-minute rounds to perform for the judges and the crowd. The advanced division featured a tiebreaker round for second and third place due to a tie in the initial scoring.
The beginner division had two competitors, the intermediate division had three, and the advanced division had five this year.
Vaughn Gaertner won the beginner division. Dale Gaertner Jr. took first place in the intermediate division.
In the advanced division, Dale Gaertner Sr. finished first, Max Halstead was second, and Tristan Chrispell took third.
Xander Fisher from the intermediate division won the “raddest fall” award.
This year, event organizers raffled off several T-shirts and other prizes, and had food for competitors and spectators.

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