Arvilla Pepsin

Arvilla (Arby) Pepsin passed away in her home on Nov. 4, 2018 with loved ones by her side.
She had a long and courageous battle with cancer. Her spirit continued that battle even though her body failed.
She was born on Sept. 9, 1955 in Grayling MI.
Arvilla loved and embraced the community, in many ways from the profession she chose (she was the greatest bartender  Grayling has ever known) to loving and caring for each of her children, and every child that her eight children dragged through her door just like they were her own, and all her work with Friends of Hospice.
As family can attest to, she lived by the mantras “you can’t take it with you,” you can’t take riches or love with you and she left it all behind for her beloved, and “come as you are,” bring your mistakes, your wins, your losses, the things that make you who you are. 
Arby was preceded in death by her father Ted Stephan; mother Irene Galvani; sister Marie Galvani; granddaughter Taylor Beebe.
Arby is survived by son David Myers Jr. (ex: Sara); son, Richard Myers (Nicole); daughter, Melinda Skagerberg; daughter, Danielle Mathey (ex:Tommy); daughter, Jennifer Mathey (Ed); son, Daniel Mathey (Kerri); son, William Mathey (Jocelyn); daughter, Mary Roberts (Niko); sister, Virginia; sister, Monica.
Grandchildren: Dakota, Logan, Deacon, Logan Lee, Nathan, Jayden, Maddison, Eli, Tyler, Alaina, Ethan, Leah, Hailee, Jordyn, Chadrick, Jordin, Melody, Leo, Dalia, Lilly, Beyla.
In addition she embraced with open arms, and the same love, everyone of her children’s friends that came through the door (way too many to name but, you know who you are).
There will be a Celebration of Life for Arby, at the Eagles, Nov. 17, from noon till 4 p.m.
Please come and share the memories you have of how she touched your life. 

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