Avoid War With Iran

To the editor: We may think we’ve averted war with Iran. Well, sort of, for now. Sadly, there are people who want to keep the possibility of war alive. A good many others would like to keep our brave military alive by not engineering any more wars – especially wars we don’t need.
There are so many reasons why we should pursue peace at this point. For one thing, as long as we keep “pressure” on Iran, someone is bound to do something provocative that will lead to more escalation, whereas if our focus is on peace, we have the opportunity to build bridges rather than rile up more trouble.
We’re being told it’s impossible to have peace with Iran. Is that true?
No. Not all Iranians are alike. When we had the nuclear deal in place, we empowered the moderates there. Most Iranians actually like American culture and our tradition of democracy, even though they don’t like some of the things our government does. (Do all Americans like all the things our government does?) The fact is, most Iranians are pragmatic and business-oriented. Offer them a carrot and you won’t need a stick.
Unfortunately, we keep offering them sticks and now we’ve empowered the hard-liners. Well, so what? We’ve got the biggest military on the planet! What could happen?
To begin with, more American deaths. Our leaders are telling us “There will be no American boots on the ground.” Hasn’t anyone told them you can’t poke a hornet’s nest without getting stung? We’d also lose so much that America has shed blood for over the last 20 years.
Then there would be massive destabilization for the entire region. More civil wars, more anti-Americanism, more power to fanatics and hard-liners (think ISIS), more economic fallout, more human misery and death, more refugees that will have a grudge against us. More Americans killed.
Iran is aligned with Russia, China, and North Korea. None of them would openly go to war against us, but we could count on their covert involvement against us. That’s a nice thought, isn’t it? 
Finally, wars cost money. Lots and lots of money. For those who care about a balanced budget, wars in general are fatal. And for those who care about education, health care, decent housing, veterans’ services, and our crumbling infrastructure? Wars take money away from all of those. Take money away from them and we will have more American deaths – caused not by enemies but by ourselves. America deserves better.
Cathy Lester, Grayling
Henry Lester, Grayling
George Hall, Grayling
Kimberly Daniels, Prudenville
Jason Scott, Gaylord
Frank Peshick, Houghton Lake
Paula J. Sells, Grayling
Dawn Sells, Grayling
Lynn Jordan, Houghton Lake
Rachel S. Sells, Grayling
Bernadine Dosch, Grayling
Barbara Selesky, Frederic
C. James Ringwald, Houghton Lake
Pat Byrne, Gaylord

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