Health Is Not Directly Threatened By CO2 Levels

To the editor: It seems we may have a little irresponsible journalism creeping into our news. The headline of this week’s Viewpoint reads “Causality Between Health And Air Pollution Is Undisputed.” Fair enough, I won’t dispute it. But the entire Viewpoint is devoted to climate change and CO2 levels. Basic biology tells us that every human being (and every animal) on earth exhales CO2 with every breath we take. And every plant on earth requires CO2 in order to survive and grow. Without CO2, life on earth would cease to exist. In short, our “health” is not directly threatened by present, or future, CO2 levels.
Climate change is a popular subject for debate these days, but to suggest that CO2 is a pollutant or a health risk must assume an incredible lack of knowledge on the part of the readers.  Your readers are better than that, and usually so are your headlines.
Please continue to respect and inform us, not tease us with false alarmism.
Terry Linderman

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