In Search For Peace, Resort To Fact Finding On Both Sides

To the editor: It was of great interest that my friends and fellow students read in the opinion section of your local paper “Avoid War With Iran.” Since your country allows free speech and freedom of the press I thought even though I am a student from Iran, you might do me the courtesy of hearing what I thought of the opinions expressed by Cathy Lester and others.
The statement that “offer them a carrot and you won’t need a stick” is both amusing and patronizing. Your language has always been difficult for me so I wish to emphasize that by patronizing I mean condescending.
Our two great nations have their differences but your haughtiness at acting like Iranians are donkeys that can be led by a carrot approach illustrates what braying (donkeys) you are. I suggest in your search for peace, if that is truly what you seek, that you resort to fact finding on both sides. Your ideas are “bravely spoken,” and by this I mean you lack substance, character, and resolve but talk a lot. Your ideas are simplistic to say the least when you distill the problem into a stick or carrot approach. The reason for our differences are not helped by people who fail to see the “forest for the trees.” Fortunately, all Americans and all Iranians are not like you.
Raymond Sullaman
Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant

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