Viewpoint: We’re All Counting On Each Other

Our world, as we knew it, has changed forever. 
Things have changed drastically in the past two weeks.
And with Governor Whitmer’s Executive Order of Monday, another step was taken.
The name of the Executive Order says it all: Temporary requirement to suspend activities that are not necessary to sustain or protect life.
When will it all end? If we are smart…soon. We hope.
This is a test. Are we passing?
We shall see.
Before that, let us tell you a bit about what we are doing.
We at the Avalanche continue to be hard at work. We feel it is essential to do our job of reporting news to keep you informed.
We continue to cover news that is important to you – and everyone – in our community. We are using all the tools at our disposal to continue to do our job: phone, email, text, or speaking to a news source in person when we can (following social distancing guidelines, of course) for a story that concerns information vital to our community. There are also countless human stories in our community – we bring those to you as well.
We are printing those stories in our newspaper each week. We are posting information on our website – – as often as we can, many times a day on most days. If you are not following local news on our website, you should be. It’s free. You can also follow some of our posts on our Facebook page.
If you need to reach us, you can. Email us at our individual email addresses or at Call us at 989-348-6811.
Following the Governor’s Executive Order, our office is closed to the public until that order is lifted. But we are all still working hard to bring you all the latest local information. Stay in touch!
You can count on us. Under the Governor’s Executive Order, the dissemination of important community information is recognized as an essential service. You need to know. You need information. We are that source. Essential. 
We, in turn, are counting on local businesses to continue to support our news coverage by advertising with us. We understand small businesses – after all, the Avalanche is one – and the challenges we all are facing. You still need to know what’s open. And what services are available. At what hours. What locations. That’s important community information, too. Without ads, there is no newspaper. Fewer ads means fewer pages. Fewer pages means fewer stories. So as our ad sales team is doing each day, we need you to please encourage businesses to partner with us and run ads in our paper and reach you, our customers, with their messages during these challenging times. Words of encouragement and support to each other in our community works wonders. We’re all in this together.
We are counting on citizens – including ourselves – to not exhibit bad behavior, but to be considerate of our fellow citizens. None of us should be taking advantage of a crisis at the expense of others. Hoarding? Price gouging? These should not happen, and should not be tolerated.
We all are counting our governments to continue to provide services and information about those services to the all of us – the citizens they serve. These unusual times have also posed some challenges for public meetings – we need to make sure that the Open Meetings Act be followed as allowed by law, even during this time (albeit with the temporary exceptions that have been granted). We, as citizens, need to continue to be aware of what our government representatives do at public meetings. This is the way that we, as citizens, can participate in our government. We are counting on our elected officials to rise above – to continue to lead.
And of course, we are counting on our first responders and health care workers to be there when needed, as they always are. There is no way to adequately thank these heroes for all they do for their fellow citizens. Let’s make sure we don’t take them for granted.
We are counting on all to do their part to see this challenging situation to its end. It will end. And things will return to normal.
What that new normal will be is yet to be seen. But just like after 9-11, or World Wars I and II, there will be a new normal. 
Let’s all do our part to get there. 

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