Spikes Challenge race winners post top sprint time on Saturday

Ten of the top 11 C-2 race teams also finish in the top 11 during sprints for position
This year’s winners of the Spike’s Challenge C-2 race – Andrew Triebold and Steve Lajoie – also posted the event’s best sprint time on Saturday.
The sprints for position event usually offers a good forecast of which teams will finish at the top of the actual race.
During the 2019 Spike’s Challenge – a race from the Old AuSable Fly Shop in Grayling to McMasters Bridge conducted on Sunday morning – 10 of the top 11 teams also posted top 11 times during Saturday’s sprints.
Triebold and Lajoie, a duo that has now won the Spike’s Challenge C-2 race 12 times together, posted a sprint time of 04:25.9 this year, nine seconds faster than the next team. 
Mike Davis and Shane MacDowell finished second at sprints with a time of 04:34.7, and they took third place in the race.
Pete Mead and Chris Issendorf took second place on Sunday after posting the third best sprint time on Saturday (04:40.9).
Kyle Mynar and Kyle Stonehouse were fourth in both events; they posted a sprint time of 04:42.0.
Phil Millspaugh and Joe Schlimmer finished seventh in the C-2 race after posting the fifth best sprint time (04:48.1).
Rod McLain and Pat Madden had the sixth best sprint time (04:49.1) and they placed ninth in the C-2 race.
Matt Gabriel and Danny Medina posted the event’s seventh best sprint time (04:51.1) on Saturday; they finished sixth in the race on Sunday.
Russ Reker and Pierre-Olivier Quesnel placed eighth in the C-2 race after posting the event’s eighth best sprint time (05:01.8).
Jason Hatfield and Carson Burmeister took ninth at sprints with a time of 05:01.9, and they finished 11th on Sunday during the race to McMasters Bridge.
Ray Trudgeon and Bill Torongo placed 10th in both competitions, posting a sprint time of 05:04.8.
Nick Walton and Weston Willoughby did not sprint on Saturday. They worked their way up from the back of the line and finished fifth in the C-2 race on Sunday.
Seventy-four teams competed in the 2019 Spike’s Challenge. If they wanted to be at the front of the line for the C-2 race event’s running start on Sunday, they had to earn it on Saturday during the sprints for position competition.
At sprints, teams paddled upstream first on the pond in the city park, went through a narrow opening under the railroad bridge, turned around at a buoy located near the green at hole #17 at the Grayling Country Club, paddled downstream, went under the railroad bridge a second time, and finished at the starting area near the pedestrian bridge in the park.
Posting a strong sprint time and getting a spot near the front for the running start can be a significant advantage; it means fewer teams near you and in front of you, less traffic to work around, and fewer teams near you once you get to the water. Being in the middle and toward the back of the pack can be a challenge with such a large part of the total field trying to get into the water at the same time. 
The running start of the Spike’s Challenge is similar to that of the AuSable River Canoe Marathon – a 120-mile race from Grayling to Oscoda slated for Saturday, July 27 – but the Marathon’s run is longer and usually has a few more teams. Many Marathon paddlers use the Spike’s Challenge as a warm-up race.
In both races, the competitors enter the water at the dock at the Old AuSable Fly Shop. The Spike’s Challenge finishes at McMasters Bridge (the fourth AuSable Marathon timing location).
Spike’s Challenge Sprints for Starting Position
C-2 Expert Class 
Race Place Canoe # Name Name Sprint
01 1 Andy Triebold Steve Lajoie 04:25.9
02 8 Chris Issendorf Pete Mead 04:40.9
03 55 Mike Davis Shane McDowell 04:34.7
04 7 Kyle Stonehouse Kyle Mynar 04:42.0
05 13 Nick Walton Weston Willoughby DNS
06 221 Matt Gabriel Danny Medina 04:51.1
07 113 Phil Millspaugh Joe Schlimmer 04:48.1
08 147 Russ Reker Pierre-Olivier Quesnel 05:01.8
09 80 Rod McLain Pat Madden 04:49.1
10 14 Ray Trudgeon Bill Torongo 05:04.8
11 68 Jason Hatfield Carson Burmeister 05:01.9
12 89 Rich Lauth Mary Schlimmer DNS
13 90 Sean Brabant Austin Weiler 05:18.2
14 57 Jon Webb Charles Darchen 05:07.8
15 30 Andrew Condie Jeff Glock 05:14.9
16 122 Tim Chapple Tad Hill 05:24.6
17 37 Rebecca Davis Phoebe Reese 05:36.5
18 128 Joe Leusby Matthew Palmer 05:24.9
19 197 Jason Sharpe Brandon Barnes 05:12.4
20 P83 Lilly Brick Joe Manns DNS
21 131 Sean Casey Bryan Bearss 05:42.2
22 36 Mike Garon Doug Gillin DNS
23 52 JoAnn Olney Paul Olney 05:36.3
24 189 Ryan Childs Zac Childs 05:31.7
25 24 Katie Treston Kristi Treston 05:43.4
26 78 Ryan Bennett Todd Bennett 05:38.2
27 P22 Maria Schilling Greg Zophy 05:37.6
28 6 Don Brooks Peter Heed 05:40.1
29 112 LJ Bourgeois Rod Matthews DNS
30 5 Bruce Barton Amy Solak 05:52.6
31 33 Deb Brax Dan Mecklenburg 05:43.2
32 209 Zach Cheney Chris Ecker 05:35.7
33 54 Lynne Witte Gwen Hills 05:57.9
34 50 Bill Mahaffy Rodney Elliott 05:38.9
35 10 Jeremy Vore Tom Cannon 05:54.1
36 87 Kaitlin Jiral Virginia Condie 05:58.8
37 108 Fritz Hansen Jaya Elleson 06:01.9
38 84 Nate Winkler Chris Gallagher DNS
39 40 Jerry Lambert Fred Mills 05:49.6
40 47 Jeff DeFeo Rick Lorenzen 05:50.3
41 21 Brandon Gerardy Stephen Leppard 05:52.2
42 99 Tommy Cramer Karen Pleasant 05:58.2
43 17 Doug Dalman Nicole Owens 05:57.0
44 46 John Lucey Cheryl Lucey 05:53.7
45 4 Tom Fryer Richard Parrott 06:00.9
46 86 Dave Timmerman Beth Schluter 06:03.5
47 120 Josh Kellogg Mike Kellogg 05:55.7
48 61 Chuck Hewitt Brad Thompson DNS
49 237 Stephen Routhey Justin Griffith 06:03.9
50 28 Pam Fitzgerald Phil Armstrong 05:58.6
51 70 Ben Tarbutton Dave Smith 05:59.0
52 42 Alex Funderburg John Funderburg 06:00.4
53 210 Joseph Somero Derak Ferry 05:57.0
54 71 Nathan Tart Ed Jones 06:07.9
55 Z Katie Peck Dean Coulson 05:44.4
56 169 Andy Weeks Patti Thornburg DNS
57 152 Chris Scully Dale Thompson 06:12.5
58 243 Keith Wojhan Jerry Killingbeck DNS
59 75 Erin Thompson Bernie Tuszynski DNS
60 119 Tim Feldkamp Doug Heady 06:11.6
61 171 Lauren Fry Mark Rowe 06:15.9
62 32 James Miller Peggy English 06:27.3
63 58 Shannon Issendorf Mollie Binion 06:23.0
64 118 Mike De Abreu Mike Hayes 05:56.1
65 60 Roger Henry Alex Davis 06:08.7
66 18 Steve Belknap Jr Steve Belknap Sr 06:21.8
67 67 Mike Taylor Dwight Walker 06:26.6
68 V Bruce Daman Katie Daman 06:25.4
69 45 Roxanne Barton August Triebold 06:51.0
70 151 Jessica Pieri Nicky Krucinski DNS
71 143 Nate Greeley Evan Mahon DNS
72 248 Mikayla Erickson Jacob Cramer DNS
C-2 Expert II Class 
Place Canoe # Name Name Time
01 38 David Hallison Jason Holton 06:08.2
02 51 Tanya Rice Heidi Farmer DNS
2019 Spike’s Challenge C-2 sprints for position results courtesy of www.ausablecanoemarathon.org

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