Varsity girls golf team to start 2018 fall season with meets this week

The varsity girls golf program from Grayling High School has low overall numbers, just enough to post an official team score at meets. The squad was a little late getting going due to its low player numbers, but the golfers are practicing now, and the team has its first meets of the 2018 fall season this week.
With four players, the group will have enough to post a team score during tournaments and meets. Brad Duncan, first year coach of the squad, said he’s hoping to recruit a few more golfers.
“Still working on it,” Coach Duncan said. “Trying to have six. We’ll see.”
“We’d definitely like some more girls to sign up,” he said.
Coach Duncan said the squad is “young” with two freshmen, one sophomore, and one junior.
The team has only returning player from last year’s squad.
“They’re young. We’re trying to get them decent at golf,” Coach Duncan said.
With such an inexperienced group, Coach Duncan said the goal is to learn the game, enjoy the game, and make steady improvement.
“Focus on having fun and learning a game they can play for the rest of their life,” Coach Duncan said.
Duncan said the first couple of practices went well.
“Far better than I expected. I knew I only had one returner. Fact that we have a team now is great,” Coach Duncan said.
During the spring of 2018, Duncan took over as coach of the varsity boys golf squad. It was a similar situation; overall numbers were low, it was a young group, and the squad did not have a lot of varsity experience overall. He’s trying to build both programs; he thinks the young golfers will improve quickly.
“In the next few years they’ll be good,” Coach Duncan said. “I think the girls that I have now will be staying. Try and train them up.”
The girls golf team will compete in a Lake Michigan Conference meet in Charlevoix on Thursday, Aug. 23.

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