A Look At Our Past 4/8/2021

23 Years Ago
April 9, 1998
If you’re still getting mail addresses to Mrs. So-n-so, R#4, Box 4300 - then you do not know where you live. And soon, neither will your mail carrier. 
When the 911-Central Dispatch was brought to the Grayling area several years ago, the old route/box numbering system was abandoned. Only because the local carriers know most of the people on their various mail routes by name, do thee people continue getting their mail, even though the address are no longer in use.
On May 1, “the Grayling Post Office  will be receiving mail from the Gaylord Post Office in what we call the ‘carrier sequence.’ It will be sorted in their new plant by street sequence – not by route,” said Cathi Barnum, Clerk/Supervisor.
What this will mean is that if a postal patron is not using their 911 address then the local Post Office will be unable to locate the old address because the new system will not have the ability to sort it accordingly. 
Mercury is that silvery liquid found in thermometers. It’s also an industrial pollutant found in the air, because of the 10,000 tons mined each year - half of it finds its way into the environment.
Some of it has even found its way into Grayling’s Lake Margrethe, a pristine fresh water inland lake which boasts a clarity level of 26-feet in depth on good days. It also can boast some pretty big northern pike and walleye - the kind of fish an angler dreams of and occasionally lies about to wide-eyed friends.
In what must be a first for the Grayling High School basketball program, two Viking sophomores received All State recognition.
Last week Eli Tobin was awarded honorable mention in the Detroit News while Nathan Hinkle garnered honorable mention in the Detroit Free Press.
46 Years Ago
April 3, 1975
Fred Bear, the legendary archer from Grayling, was inducted into the Hunting Hall of Fame at the prestigious St. Regis Hotel in Manhattan.
DNR considered and explains reasons for removing the Dam on I-75 Business Loop. 
69 Years Ago
April 3, 1952
A number of Lovells men have been quite successful beaver trapping.
A Grayling team, shooting in an eight team indoor archery league in this area this winter, won the league championship. The league was formed of two Grayling teams, three Gaylord teams and a Mio team. 
92 Years Ago
April 4, 1929
Just as we had began to believe that Spring has finally arrived and we could get out the old spade and rake, and tulips were appearing and arbutus was beginning to bloom, snow  came Sunday morning and continued until Monday night to the tune of ten inches on the level. Playing golf Saturday and winter sports Sunday is the record of the weekend. All highways were impassable.
116 Years Ago
April 5, 1906
Carpenters are to begin the building of eight additional rooms at Mrs. Joseph Douglas’ house, Lovells, to accommodate the pleasure seekers who are expected to come when fishing season opens. 
Dr. Merriman has bought the property of Lars Brolin opposite the Court House and will erect an addition to his office.

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