A Look At Our Past 9/1/2022

From the pages of the Crawford County Avalanche
23 Years Ago
September 2, 1999
The Crawford County Animal Shelter received a $250 donation from Rieth Riley Construction’s Roscommon office manager Patti Schweitzer and area manager Tim O’Rourke.  The company donated the same amount of maney to the Roscommon shelter.  Crawford County’s animal shelter is currently bursting at the seams with dogs and cats, kittens and puppies in need of loving homes, so the donation will help pay for food and supplies for about a week.
The Lovells Bridge Walk Committee wants to thank everyone who donated and participated in the Lovells Bridge Walk.  We had a great time and a good turnout.  The Gannon Broadcasting System beat us again, but we sure have fun trying.  We’ll get them yet.  Thanks again from the community of Lovells, the fire department and EMS.
Dean Meyering is the new owner and Funeral Director of Sorenson Funeral Home.  David Lashley, an 11-year employee for the funeral home, will continue as assistant to the director.
Marines land a CH-53 helicopter at the Camp Grayling parade field on Thursday, August 26, as part of the NEO exercise, a Non-combatant Evacuation Operation.  This operation involved a simulated rescue of personnel in a “U.S. embassy.”
46 Years Ago
September 2, 1976
For the past week, Grayling has been watching the fast progression of the painting of one of the oldest buildings on Michigan Avenue.  The Crawford County Avalanche’s image has been restored through the efforts of our landlord Emil Kraus.
Sunday, September 5 is Recognition Day for Alfred Hanson, Spike MacNeven and TOny Nelson.  They will be honored by the Grayling Booster Club for their long efforts and contributions to the community.
69 Years Ago
September 3, 1953
Sam Gust enjoyed a week vacation from his duties at the Alfred Hanson Garage and with Mrs. Gust and family spent the time vacationing with his family in the Porcupine Mountians near Lake Superior in the U.P.
Pat Harwood is the new bus driver this year taking children from our township to Frederic.  All will be thrilled over the new bus this year and wish Pat the best of luck.  Margie will take charge of the store.
Mr and Mrs Earl Broadbent spent 4 days at Thesalon, Canada vacationing and enjoyed the fishing.
92 Years Ago
September 4, 1930
Don Klotz is about to open a music studio for the instruction of violin and banjo.
A.E. Hendrickson and family went to Detroit Friday for over Labor Day and visited Sam Johnson and Emil Jenson and families.
Miss Marion Reynolds is enjoying a two weeks vacation from her duties at the H. Petersen Grocery and is visiting relatives in Flint and Detroit.
115 Years Ago
September 5, 1907
George Hartman of South Branch was in the village Saturday, the first time in a year.
John Malco of Maple Forest is building a lorge home.
Feldhauser brothers are equipped with new machinery for threshing and clover hauling.
Mr. and Mrs. N.P. Olson are doing Detroit and the State Fair this week.

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