Local lake association: it’s a bargain

To the editor: The Lake Margrethe Property Owners Association (LMPOA) is a great bargain. They keep a watchful eye over Lake Margrethe, helping to keep it clean, safe, healthy, and alive by constantly working to prevent and reduce problems like Eurasian milfoil, zebra mussels, spiny water fleas, swimmer’s itch, and other harmful problems.
They monitor water clarity, check for E. coli, and adjust water levels to prevent beach erosion. Constant liaise is kept with DNR, DEQ, local government, Camp Grayling, and property owners in all lake matters. Financial aid is given to the county Sheriff’s Department to keep a deputy regularly patrolling the lake and canal for our safety.
They help make this a great place to live or vacation while helping keep our property value on the increase. All the officers, the board, and active members are volunteers, and none are paid.
And, annual dues are still bargain priced at $25. If that’s not a bargain, what is?
LMPOA, Box 583, Grayling, 49738, is always actively seeking new members to help support their work on behalf of property owners and all of us who enjoy our great Lake Margrethe.
Harry Wojcik

Crawford County Avalanche

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