More taxes and fees, more cuts to service

To the editor: I read Rep. Bruce Rendon’s Viewpoint article “It’s been a pleasure to serve you” in the Dec. 29 issue of the Avalanche. He says he is proud to have supported the repeal of the Michigan Business Tax. That repeal was a huge corporate welfare windfall with little benefit trickling down to taxpayers. Corporate giveaways far exceed the amount given to poor people. To pay for corporate welfare, we citizens pay more fees and taxes. You are in for a 20 percent increase in vehicle registration fees this year. Gas tax took a 7.3 cent increase on Jan. 1. Retirees were socked with a big increase in income taxes each year since the tax repeal.
Now Rendon’s wife is our state representative. You can be sure she will continue to go along with the majority party’s efforts to find more welfare for their corporate overlords – at our expense. There will be more fees and taxes, and more cuts to services. Michigan deserves better public policy than this.
Jack Pilon

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