The right to alleviate the pain in our lives

To the editor: This editorial is in response to an Avalanche article dated August 30, 2018 “County board passes resolution opposing the general use of marijuana,” an article that is misleading and one of the most irresponsible articles I have read about the general use of marijuana. The county board uses anecdotal evidence and sensationalized subjective evidence to persuade readers to not vote for the November 6 ballot proposal to legalize the use of recreational marijuana. Most scientific polls in Michigan show that over 65 percent of registered voters favor the legislation of recreational marijuana. The major drug companies have launched major anti-marijuana campaigns to not legalize marijuana because they fear it will diminish their drug profits.
The facts. Marijuana is not a gateway drug. The number one reason children enter rehab centers is because of alcohol abuse. The article states a lot of statistics and studies, which are nothing more than biased studies laced with much unaccredited and anecdotal evidence.
Who are the people who use medical and recreational marijuana? We are the elderly who are trying to maintain our dignity in our final days, we are the soldiers, both male and female, who have come back from all the wars from World War II to the present wars of Iraq and Afghanistan who have been wounded, who have lost limbs, suffered traumatic brain injuries, burns, PTSDs, and other wounds. Some of us soldiers and Marines were drafted or enlisted; however, the nation owes us the right to help alleviate the pain in our lives. We are also the children and the very young who are dealing with a terminal illness, the people with cancer, heart disease, and other diseases that affect mankind.
Remember readers, the resolution passed on a 5 to 1 vote; it was not unanimous.
In the future, I would suggest that the county board pass resolutions about fixing our crumbling infrastructure, gun violence in our schools, job creation, tobacco use, and cutting of our beautiful state forest tree areas instead of sensationalized and misleading articles about marijuana. Readers remember: a resolution is nothing more that a written pledge or a determination to persuade readers; it has no legal standing.
Gary L. Cooley
Grayling and North Branch, Michigan

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