What is ‘art’?

To the editor: What is “art”? After asking myself what the word “art” really meant, I did an extensive search on the Internet. Rather quickly, I discovered that the word “art” is almost as hard to define as “the meaning of life”; however, I was able to put together a few good lines, all taken from the Internet and with a bit of editing and a few words of my own, here is what I came up with:
Art is an important part of basic human behavior that is necessary for our health and happiness.
Art helps us communicate, share thoughts, ideas, and visions. It also helps to keep us connected.
Art is a visual historic record. It preserves culture, improves dialogue and relationships between nations and cultures.
Art, while making our living, working and play space more attractive and pleasant, can inspire us, make us more content and happy while helping to motivate us in our daily lives.
In Grayling, it’s the Artisan Village Creativity Center where young and old alike can engage in art, music, and theater.
Harry Wojcik

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