County officials asking citizens to complete jury forms

The Crawford County Clerk mailed out 4,000 jury questionnaires last week and she is asking people to fill them out and return them promptly as court operations start to resume following months of trial delays due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Crawford County Clerk/Register of Deeds Sandra Moore is asking citizens to “please send the returned forms right away so the county doesn’t have to send additional notices or send show cause hearings,” and to make sure forms are filled out completely and signed.
“I just want to emphasize please fill out both sides of the questionnaire and return promptly,” Moore said. 
It’s been a year since the county last sent out jury questionnaires because the pandemic has limited the number of trials. Moore said the county had enough jurors from 2020 to get through 2021, but it’s time to replenish.
“We didn’t send any out last year,” Moore said. “We need to get back into it.”
The jury year runs from October 1 through September 30.
Moore said some people are exempt from jury service but everyone still needs to fill out their form and return it if they received one.
People over 70 are exempt (but they can choose to serve), Moore said, and must still fill out the questionnaire. Felons are not eligible to serve but they are also required to complete the form. Citizens who have recently served on a jury may also be excused.
People who feel they are unable to serve because of a medical condition must include a doctor’s note with their questionnaire, and people who believe they have “extenuating circumstances” that would not allow them to serve must include a letter of explanation for the jury board with their questionnaire, according to Moore.

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