Donation to shelter will bring peace to animals

Mom loved animals. She wanted to do this, and we wanted to honor her wishes, period." – Scott King, son of Beverly Walsh
The family of a late Crawford County woman known for her love for animals recently made a substantial donation to the AuSable Valley Animal Shelter.
Beverly Walsh was a longtime Crawford County resident who passed away on March 17, 2015. She was 79.
Walsh loved her dogs and cats, and even looked out for wildlife living around her home.
“Any animal that needed anything, Beverly would make sure that animal got it,” said Pamela Jerome, a personal representative who  oversaw Walsh’s estate planning. 
Walsh left an inheritance to her four children, Nadine Winter and  Jeff King, who live in Florida, Craig King, who lives in Portland, Oregon, and Scott King, who lives in nearby Atlanta, Michigan.
Jerome said that Walsh was committed to support the animals in the care of the AuSable Valley Animal Shelter by making a substantial donation.
“Her children can fend for themselves and the animals cannot,” Jerome said.
Scott King said the family was honored to support she shelter.
“Mom loved animals. She wanted to do this, and we wanted to honor her wishes, period,” he said.
Cheryl Postma, the executive director of the AuSable Valley Animal Shelter, said funds from the donation will be earmarked for veterinary bills when an animal they take in has to be put down.
Although the AuSable Valley Animal Shelter is a no-kill shelter with a 97 percent adoption rate, there are still times when an animal has to be euthanized.
“When an animal is ill or injured or has a temperament that we can’t overcome, then that would cover that cost,” Postma said. “We’re going to honor her wishes and be grateful. Sometimes that’s a very necessary thing.”
King said his mother made special accommodations for a dog he had for several years while she was taking care of it at her home.
“She loved animals and I’ve got animals, too,” he said. “My dog passed away on Father’s Day about five years ago and that was real hard. I told mom about it and she cried and I cried.”
King said his mother also looked out for people she knew.
“She was a beautiful woman inside and out,” King said. “She had a lot of good friends and she tried to take care of everybody.”
Walsh was a nurse’s aide while she lived in Flint. She and her husband, Fred,  retired to live on the Main Branch of the AuSable River east of Grayling. 
“They just loved being on the water,” Jerome said.
Known for being flamboyant, Walsh had a collection of many hats of various colors and designs.
“She had more hat racks than the average lady has hats,” Jerome said. 
Walsh and Violet Kehr, Jerome’s mother, were friends who were part of a local sewing club. 
“It was just group of ladies back in the early ‘70s that would meet once a month at  somebody else’s house and they would rotate,” Jerome said. “They would make a craft to give to the veterans, the senior center or to needy people.”
Walsh did charity work for Grayling Free Methodist Church and Grayling Baptist Church, both of which she attended.
Walsh was also a regular patron at the Crawford County Library in Grayling. 
“She would read at least six books a week,” Jerome said.
Walsh was a lifetime artist who took lessons to learn new techniques up until a year before she passed away.
“She was good enough to be able to sell some of it, but most if she just gave away to family and friends,” Jerome said.
 Finally, as soon the first flakes of snow would arrive in Grayling, Walsh would head for Florida, where she played with a bluegrass band. She also enjoyed traveling across the United States as well as overseas, especially to places that had a warmer environment.
“Her favorite was tropical, because of the beautiful colors,” Jerome said. “That was her favorite place to travel.”

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