Grayling Promotional Association conducts fall Junque in the Trunk yard sale event

Labor Day weekend is a popular time for yard sales and garage sales, but one local event – Grayling Promotional Association’s fall Junque in the Trunk – gave people the opportunity to offer items for shoppers all in one place.
The 2022 fall Junque in the Trunk event – held on Saturday, September 3, at the Tractor Supply Company parking lot in Grayling – featured strong turnout of both sellers and shoppers, organizers said.
There were some concerns about possible inclement weather for the day, but conditions were favorable.
“There was a chance of rain but we got lucky,” said Kathy Batha of the Grayling Promotional Association.
Some of the sellers have participated in the Junque in the Trunk events for years.
“It’s so much easier than setting up a garage sale at your house,” said Brenda Huey of Grayling. “You meet a lot of friendly people.”
“It’s a great event,” said John Wejrowski, one of the organizers of Fred Bear Day in Grayling.
Wejrowski sold Petoskey stones, fishing lures, Fred Bear memorabilia, and other items during the Junque in the Trunk event on Saturday.
Ed Harris of Gaylord, a Kirtland Community College board member, said he’s been selling at Junque in the Trunk events for “several years.”
“It works,” Harris said. “You will find someone that has use for your junk in the trunk. You meet a lot of nice people. They come from all over.”
In the past, Grayling Promotional Association has conducted the Junque in the Trunk sales at the Grayling Mall parking lot, but the spring of 2022 event had to be moved because another event was set up there. Grayling Promotional Association moved the spring Junque in the Trunk to the Tractor Supply Company parking lot, and returned there for the fall event.
“It’s nice of Tractor Supply to allow us to be here. It’s a great spot,” Harris said.
Junque in the Trunk also serves as a fundraiser for the Grayling Promotional Association’s local projects. GPA – perhaps best known for its downtown beautification and its Festival of Trees Christmas event – helps with a variety of local causes, including a recent $10,000 donation to the new senior center building effort, members said.
In past years, Grayling Promotional Association conducted one Junque in the Trunk event per year. In 2020, Junque in the Trunk was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, so the group expanded it to two events in 2021 – one in the spring and one in the fall. Organizers kept the two-event format for 2022.
Batha said the association hasn’t yet decided whether it will have two Junque in the Trunk events next year, or if it will return to having one of the events per year.
Batha said GPA sold 39 spaces during the 2022 spring Junque in the Trunk event and 42 during the fall one. Whether the association has one or two Junque in the Trunk events next year, Batha said sellers should sign up early because the fall of 2022 event reached its maximum.

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