Pitter Patter Children’s resale offers an array of products

A resale shop aimed at keeping children clothed throughout their growing years as well as providing other baby and children’s gear recently opened in Grayling.
Charity Sweckard, opened the Pitter Patter Children’s Resale, located at 1169 I-75 Business Loop.
“We carry anything baby,” Sweckard said.
Sweckard worked selling high end shoes in Duluth, Minnesota for 18 years.
A native of Fife Lake, Sweckard and her family moved from the oilfields in North Dakota to Kalkaska last June. She said her husband, Kenny Defreitas, and Grayling friend, Kristen Bitson, urged her to open the children’s resale store. 
“I’m kind of a very planned-out person, but they pushed me to look at the building and we opened,” she said.
Sweckard chose Grayling due its central location in the region and the economic development taking place in the community.
“It’s been something I have wanted to do for a long time,” she said. 
Sweckard is an avid resale and thrift store shopper.
“I just like the thrill of shopping,” she said.
Customers that frequent the Pitter Patter Children’s Resale share the same enthusiasm as they strive to keep a well-stocked variety and supply of clothing for their children.
“A lot of people go at it from the recycling angle, and they want to reuse what’s here,” Sweckard said. “Some people go at it for the price,  and some people like to get a deal.”
Pitter Patter Children’s Resale has a large variety of Melissa and Doug products, children’s learning toys, and puzzles. 
Along with clothing, the store carries high chairs, potty training stools, and strollers. All items are washed, disinfected, and checked to make sure they are safe and functional. New clothing, toys, and learning items are also featured at the store. 
The store caters to Grayling residents with newborns as well as young families coming to the community.
“Grayling is having a baby boom and there are a lot kids coming in,”  Sweckard said.
Pitter Patter also carries maternity clothes for expecting mothers.
“That’s really hard to find,” Sweckard said.
The store recently added a line of junior and women’s sized clothing.
“That is flying out the door,” Sweckard said. “We just can’t do much more, because we’re going to burst at the seams.”
Bitson and Linda Stephen help staff the store.
“It was really nice to move back and to be able to have people that I know and trust to work here,” Sweckard said. 
Sweckard said business has been better than expected, and she would ultimately like to open a second location in downtown Grayling that will feature new products and learning toys.
“It’s growing and I want to grow with it,” Sweckard said of Grayling.
Pitter Patter Children’s Resale is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday, and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday.
“Going into summer, we’ll probably add Mondays,” she said.

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