The Repair Shop adds food, drinks to local gift store

An expansion on The Curator to bring wine tasting and more to Grayling
The Curator is a local treasure that many come from far to see. It’s homey and unique space gives you the feel of being in one of Joanna and Chip’s places (from the popular TV show Fixer Upper), hands down making it one of most beautiful places to visit in Grayling. And in exciting news for our small town – they have expanded! I give you “The Repair Shop.” 
Many years ago, in the same location as The Curator, was the much beloved Bicycle Repair Shop. The name for the expansion is honoring that, and their glowing sign gives you the feel of being back in the original namesake. But that isn’t the only cool fact about this gorgeous, totally remodeled space, according to owner Penny Podjaske-Pippo.
“My husband Erich actually worked in the bike repair shop for years, and more than 80 years ago my great-great grandfather was a chef for a restaurant in this same location,” Penny said, which definitely gives the building a full circle type of feeling. 
So you may find yourself wondering what the plan is for this newly remodeled space? While it is an extension of The Curator, it is a clear separation of stores inside. The Curator offers every imaginable gift you could find a need for, while The Repair Shop is slightly different. Inside this area you can find basically anything you may need for a party.
“I hope to make it a one stop shop for customers who are looking to throw an event,” Penny said. 
With their vast selection of beer, ciders, seltzers, wine, and more, they certainly have the beverage portion covered. All alcohol is imported from other states or countries, as Tip’n the Mitten – a nearby shop – carries all Michigan made. But beverage isn’t the only thing you can get in this shop. They carry all the ingredients to make a charcuterie board, along with specialty meats and cheese, plates, and decorations, and of course you can always sneak on up to the original shop, The Curator, and grab a gift if needed as well. All of their beautiful baby clothing is handmade in Michigan. 
The Repair Shop is now open, and they plan to continue growing it over the next few weeks. In addition to all the options offered in store, Penny said that they are adding wine tasting.
“We have all the things needed to do wine tasting but have to wait for all our shelves to be finished being built,” Penny said. 
This new addition is sure to be as big of a hit as the original Curator has been. 

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