Twisted Scissors – offering a new twist on hair

Local salon offers service for nails, hair, tanning, facials, hot shaves for men and more
Anyone currently living in Northern Michigan can tell you it’s nearly impossible to get into a salon these days. Most of the time it’s a few months wait if you’re a woman, and if you’re a man your option is basically a buzz cut from a barber. But one salon in Grayling is looking to change that! 
Twisted Scissors, located in the Grayling Mini Mall, is setting out to break the norms. Previously located next to Kim’s Magic Nails in downtown, with their move to a new location came a whole new salon look. Nails, hair, tanning, facials and lashes are just a few of the things offered at the new Twisted Scissors. There is some apparel available, but the owners do hope to add in a small boutique in the future. While this is a women owned and operated business, it is not excluding the men. Owners Mara LaPradd and Danielle Dwyer want to stress it’s meant for everyone. 
“We want men to feel comfortable,” Danielle said. “That’s the reason we didn’t lean heavily on feminine colors and designs throughout the shop.” 
Adding to the appeal, in a very unique twist, Twisted Scissors has a guest barber who will be available throughout the summer months. Estevan “Chance” Sanchez makes a great addition to the team. A barber from Texas, he spends the summer months in Grayling doing the haircuts for the folks at Camp Grayling. This year he decided to try something new and is offering hot shaves, haircuts, and designs, a skill set that is yet to be very prominent in the Grayling area. If you were around for the holiday weekend, it is likely you saw many American Flags shaved into the sides of heads, as he helped get our county into Fourth of July spirit the week leading up to it. While his hours are currently undetermined for the rest of the summer, they are in the process of setting them. 
“Mainly after 5 p.m., to give the day time working people a chance to come in after work,” Chance said. 
Both Mara and Danielle are Grayling locals, having lived here and studied here. They both got their cosmetology degrees from Hollywood School of Beauty, located near North Down River Road. While their employees are Grayling locals as well, you don’t get a small-town salon feeling from their space. Completely remodeled and updated, it feels like a salon experience you may get from a bigger city. If you are in the market for a salon, stop by Twisted Scissors and see if it’s a fit for you. And if you mention this article, you can get a one-time 10% discount, so when is a better time to try something new?

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