Don’t enjoy being downtown anymore

To the editor: Back in the 1970s when I moved to Grayling there was Ben Franklin’s where craft supplies and all kinds of kitchen gadgets and wonderful kids toys could be purchased. There was Laurine’s where beautiful affordable clothing was sold (tons of Levi’s). Olson’s had their shoe store. There was the Grayling Mercantile that sold Bobbie Brooks clothing and cosmetics. Eventually the Village Shop came along where women’s clothing could be purchased. We had A&P and the Black and White Market. It was good; it worked. 
Now, I have to leave town to save money, to purchase craft supplies, to get affordable clothing if Kmart doesn’t have what I need. I haven’t thoroughly read what the downtown project is all about but it seems geared toward beer, wine, and art. The hotel crumbles, businesses shut down (to later become breweries and wineries), the grocery prices keep going up. Walmart is still cheaper than the sale prices at some grocery stores. 
Grayling itself is looking like a wasteland. Whatever direction you go, it is being cleared. This starts a chain reaction. Wildlife is displaced, erosion takes place, creatures get destroyed (I am sure many nests have crashed with those trees). I am not sure what the plan is for Grayling, but I certainly don’t enjoy being downtown anymore and it is heartbreaking to see the devastation.
I know I speak for many others in this matter.
Caroll Wakeley

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