Fine line between forest management and excessive cutting

To the editor: I have just finished reading “Logging Heroism” from the June 1 Avalanche.  Reading this was hard for me because at the moment I (as others in my area) am concerned about the quality of my water due to PFC contamination that was found in monitor wells at the Army Airfield. 
All around the area where I live there has been extensive cutting. Beautiful trees chopped away leaving land that supplies no shelter for wildlife.
It takes a long time to grow a forest. I think there is a fine line between management and excessive cutting  and I feel the line has been crossed. I am not saying all logging is bad. Removal of diseased trees is a good thing. But the severity of what is going on in Grayling disturbs me.  
Now the AuSable River is at risk because of the PFCs that may have run into it. If the fish are dead and the wildlife cannot survive because its habitat is cut into on a daily basis, I don’t know how this is considered healthy. I don’t know the exact statistics, but I heard that the amount of trees that will be taken out this year is doubled from last year. I cannot agree with Bill Cook who calls this a “noble thing.”
Caroll Wakeley

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