Keep our biggest asset healthy

To the editor: You have to wonder when an administrative law judge admits that a fish farm would cause “some pollution” in the AuSable, but tells us we just have to suck it up because it’s needed for “development.” (Two whole jobs, wow!)
Did the judge believe that two new jobs would outweigh the dozens of businesses and hundreds of jobs that depend on the AuSable being clean and attracting fishermen from all over the state, not to mention from out of state?
Our lakes and rivers may be Crawford County’s single biggest asset. For years we’ve promoted the AuSable as one of the best trout streams in the whole nation. Once “some pollution” starts causing algae, which use up the oxygen which is needed for the fish to thrive and breed, there goes the AuSable’s great reputation. No one’s going to promote Grayling by saying, “Yeah, I fished the mucky AuSable and got half the fish I did last year.”
Here’s an equation. Fish (F) + clean waters (W) attract sportsmen (S) who use area businesses (B) which include motels, restaurants, bars, etc.  
(Sportsmen may not all be big boozers, but you gotta brag some place!)  
All of the above creates tax revenue for the county and the city ($). In other words:  F + W x S = $.
If F = $, then FF = $$.
Healthy river = healthy fish = healthy businesses.  Good business practices should be on the side of keeping our single main asset healthy.  If you love Grayling businesses, take note.
Cathy Lester

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