Pollution to river is a threat to our way of life

To the editor: My wife and I have lived, worked, and raised our children here in Crawford County with an appreciation of the beautiful natural resources we have, especially the AuSable River. The pollution to our river proposed by a local fish farm operating just up river from where we live is a threat to our way of life.
Mr. Vogler of Harietta Fish Farms requested AND WAS GRANTED permission to pollute by the Michigan DEQ. While I wholeheartedly support ecotourism, Mr. Vogler’s proposal in maintaining tourism at the hatchery, creating two full-time and two part-time positions, preventing the abandonment and preserving improvements, and exposing youth to fishing is a high price to pay for the destruction of our world famous river.  Although effluent limitations have been set, there is no stipulation for monitoring by a third party or the State; the DEQ’s lackluster limitations are set to create tremendous issues for all areas downriver of the hatchery site. If you doubt my words, look at what happened at the Platte River hatchery and what the state had to implement to address the issue of pollution.
Although I am not against Mr. Vogler’s attempt to run a for-profit business, I am against the wholesale destruction of the AuSable River. A wastewater treatment plan that addresses the 160,000 pounds of feces and 1,600 pounds of phosphorus must be a part of the solution. Mr Vogler: Do the right thing!
Dean Smith
Crawford County

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