Positive changes are happening in Grayling

To the editor: In Mr. Potter’s recent letter to the editor, he displayed quite a negative attitude about Grayling, and the country in general. I believe that Grayling cannot stay as it was 20 years ago or it will die. New construction must happen to keep the services, streets, sidewalks, and the rest of the infrastructure working. New stores and architecture are necessary to create an attractive atmosphere for our residents and visitors. If these positive changes don’t happen, city residents will shop and eventually move elsewhere to access amenities that small cities must offer.
If Mr. Potter can offer alternative solutions for Grayling, he should share those – just talking about problems doesn’t move us forward. Mr. Potter should participate with groups who are working to make Grayling a city where residents will be happy to live; he may have a different viewpoint when he understands the depth of the problems facing small towns like Grayling. He can bring his questions to me at the City of Grayling Main Street office and I will listen. Perhaps he can assist in bringing about the changes that are coming to Grayling.
One Canoe,
Thomas Steffen
Vice Chair, Grayling Main Street
To the editor: Last week your editorial page carried a letter asking what our country has become. I have no inclination to write about my political leanings, but the letter continued on and attacked our “local” community leaders and what is happening to our area. After reading the letter I feel I must answer the gentleman.
Our community – whether you are thinking of the City of Grayling or Grayling Township or something larger – I think our “community” is growing. No, it isn’t the sleepy little town my husband and I moved to many years ago. It has progressed – along with the rest of the world. The city has gone through some rough times. Times when there were more closed stores downtown than open ones. Not so now! Over the past few years there has been real growth downtown. No, not every building is occupied, but most of them are – with new and interesting items and wonderful new people. And there are plans for more. Yes, there have been some delays, and if you ask at the City or the Chamber or a Mainstreet member, you can get the story of why and what’s being done to make it happen.
If you look around you will notice that there are a lot of new people as well as many young longtime Grayling residents working hard to make Grayling – both city and township – successful. These days it’s hard to find a parking place downtown! Yes, Mr. Potter, we have two art galleries. Each one completely different. One where the art connoisseur (and others) can browse and enjoy the talents of award winning artists. The other where there is a mixture of Michigan artists working in all sorts of media. Where you can go and find a gift for family and friends, whether it be large or small. Where evenings you can go to hear music. Where the Chamber of Commerce (and other groups) can hold an event that is open to the entire community – all the while being surrounded with art. We have shops where you can browse and buy everything from a bottle of wine to a book for the kids to some socks that have Grayling knitted into them.
All of the above and more – and when the travelers come up I-75 and stop for lunch in Grayling, they have a chance to visit these places and drop a few dollars and that helps everyone in Grayling.
All of this didn’t happen overnight. And, there’s more to come. But Mr. Potter – where have you been? Have you been to a city or county board meeting? Are you a member of any of the hard working groups around town that have only the best interests of Grayling in mind? I’ve asked around – I don’t think so.
And your remarks about honesty and integrity. If you’ve never personally met any of these people how would you know? I have! They are wonderful, hard working, creative, forward thinking people that I would consider it an honor to know.
I wasn’t born here but I’ve been here long enough to consider Grayling my town. I love it, support it, and hope to live long enough to see some of the dreams of these people come true. And when they do, I’ll be able to say I helped and supported the project. What will you say?
Betty Bennett

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