They got it wrong

To the editor: Early in May, this year, I received a phone call personally inviting me to a Commission on Aging (COA) volunteer recognition dinner. Of course I said I would be happy to attend but thought it a bit strange as I have not been able to continue as a volunteer Meals on Wheels driver for the past one and a half years. At the dinner, much to my surprise, I was the “guest of honor.” They said nice things about me and gave me a very nice plaque, citing my nine years of driving for Meals once or twice a week (sometimes three times in the winter months) to people in need.
That’s where COA got it wrong. It’s I that should be giving the honors and plaque to them for letting me have the privilege and honor of being a volunteer Meals on Wheels driver. I cannot put in words but with each and every meal I delivered (15 up to 45 a week) I was rewarded. Volunteers know what I mean. I was close to 91 years old when I was no longer able to drive for Meals. Wish I could have continued for at least a few more years.
The point I wish to make is that if you are able, you are never too old to volunteer your time to some needy cause. Try it, you will like it.
Harry Wojcik

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