What We Have Allowed The Country To Become

To the editor: I can’t believe that unpopular issues and views are finally being printed in our local paper. I have sent in letters before but they won’t be printed.
We have allowed the so-called powers to be/the good old boys to try and take over the country. It is not just one party or the other, but a group of people who think they know what is best, and who should gain the most from everyone’s efforts.
You’d think that despite the loss of their queen (that’s what she was) with all the support from the major news networks, so called political advisors and polls in the last election, they still haven’t learned. They’re still trying their (stuff) and where has it got them? Enough already.
Where the investigation into her actions, the national issues are bad enough but now we in the state have got our own issues.
We mistakenly elected the former governess (toadie) into office and she has taken over for her mentor at selling off our resources.
Locally where are all the trees going (clear cutting), try Four Mile Road, remember that new plant that got pushed through so quickly. State wise and locally, where are all the jobs and economic growth?
We are just plain lucky that the Michigan Historical Society hasn’t sued us (Grayling) to recover the funds they and we taxpayers put into the downtown area. Local commissioners have allowed art-deco store fronts, a side walk cafe, a container brewery, and a multi level building to be passed. How historically correct are they?
I have sent a letter to the state attorney to have him check into their many actions. If you noticed just how many art gallery does the City of Grayling need? We can’t fill what store fronts we have now and they want to build more. Get real people, even locally the chosen few think they know what’s best for all of us.
I can’t believe what we have allowed the country to become.
The country I served and loved has been turned into an M & M society. What’s in it for me and how much money can I get. 
Honor, respect, integrity, etc. are things of the past. A former well respected general once said the next war the U.S. is involved in will be a civil/class war. I sadly believe him.
Gary Lyle Potter

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