Hunters display 22 deer on the buck pole at Skips Sport Shop during Sunday-Monday firearm deer hunting season opener

The Orangecoat Round-up – an event that gives hunters an opportunity to display their deer and win cash prizes during the first two days of firearm deer hunting season on November 15 and 16 – featured 22 entries on the buck pole at Skip’s Sport Shop this year.
“Day one of firearm deer season started with very challenging weather. While temperatures were moderate, the day experienced rain and snow that did not accumulate but was blowing sideways at times with strong winds. If the concern for the COVID pandemic wasn’t keeping some hunters from going north, the weather on day one would,” buck pole volunteers said. “The first deer came in at 8:51 a.m., 1 hour and 11 minutes later than the first deer last year. As the day went on there was a pleasant break in the weather at noon but in the afternoon it came to an end as the rain and snow returned.”
The first deer was brought in by Andrew Barber of Grayling. Temperature was 46 degrees with light rain. The deer weighed in at 118 pounds with an antler measurement of 71 ¾ inches. 
“Each deer is weighed and the antlers are measured on a minimum of eight distances. Tom Coors, buck pole volunteer, was working the hoist up at top of the buck pole where the weather was most interesting. Because of the rain it was difficult to fill out the scoring sheet that had to be done outside. Skip’s put a canopy up so that the workers could get under and write the measurements on a somewhat dry score sheet. This seemed to work until the wind picked up in the afternoon and the canopy started to leave the property. Day one was interesting,” buck pole volunteers said.
Tyler Sutton of Bay City arrived at 10:20 a.m. with a 142-pound 10 point. Sutton’s buck measured out to 119 ¼ inches. Russ Dehart of Lewiston arrived next with a 74-pound spike measuring 19 ¾ inches. At 10:45 a.m. John Dickson of Grayling arrived with a 110-pound six point measuring 73 inches.  
At 11:30 a.m. the rain stopped and the clouds parted for Tanya Rice from Grayling, the first female hunter, who brought in a 127-pound seven point measuring 75 inches.  
John Morin came in during a break in the weather. His three point measured in at 51 inches and 115 pounds. 
Norm Thomas of Shelby Township arrived at 12:30 p.m. with an eight point weighing 155 pounds with antlers measuring 134 inches. Ron Geduilas of Warren was next with a 125-pound six point measuring 85 ¼ inches. Anthony Morse of Grayling brought in an eight point weighing 148 pounds measuring 111 ¼ inches. Morse brought the day’s hanging to an end as the weather worsened.     
At the end of the first day, nine bucks were recorded compared to 21 bucks in 2019 and nine bucks in 2018.
The second day started with temperatures just below freezing at 31 degrees.  The first buck of the day, at 8:45 a.m., belonged to Bill Reichelderfer of Roscommon; he arrived with a 137-pound ten point measuring 122 ½ of antler. A deer taken the evening before by Arrilyn Schneider, a six year old, weighed 110 pounds and measured 72 inches. 
“Arrilyn reported that the buck had come in several times but stayed just long enough the last time. She is our youngest hunter,” buck pole volunteers said.
Brian Jacobs of Frederic came in at 10:10 a.m. with a 134-pound eight point with 99 inches of antler. An hour later Mark Winter brought a four point weighing 139 pounds with 82 ½ inches of antler.  The fifth deer of the day was from Mark Jacobs of Grayling, brother to Brian, who hung a deer earlier in the day; he brought  a buck that weighed  123 pounds with eight points and 84 ½ in antlers. 
Just before noon Perry Papendick arrived with a 150-pound nine point with 111 inches of antler. Brayden Lindh arrived at 12:20 p.m. with a 115-pound buck, four points and 64 ½ inches of antler.  Scott Gabriel brought in the next buck weighing 140 pounds, eight points and 90 ½ inches of antler. 
Travis Schreiber, who brought the ninth buck of the day, reported no other hunters where he was.
“Only shot I heard was my own,” he said. 
Schreiber’s buck weighed 115 pounds, had three points, and scored out with 47 inches of antlers.  
The 10th buck of the day, brought in by Aaron Weaver, weighed 145 pounds, and had an eight point rack scoring out at 118 ½ inches of antlers.  
At 3:20 p.m. Devin Geiger of River View brought in a 158-pound buck with a nine point rack having 126 ¾ inches of antler.  
Jacob Meyer came in at 4:30 p.m. with the first buck of his lifetime. 
“He is a bow and firearm hunter and had been out 36 times this season.  He had seen a couple spikes but waited for this one.  His buck was 160 pounds, an eight point with 100 inches of antler,” buck pole volunteers said.
Thomas Wellman of Grayling brought the last buck of the event, a 105-pound deer with an antler score of 21 ¼.
“The 13 bucks on day two brought the two day opener total to 22, a good year for a Sunday-Monday opener,” buck pole volunteers said.
The Camp Grayling Conservation Club stops hanging deer at 5 p.m. and they are taken down at 7 p.m., giving people a chance to see all of the deer. For 27 years the Camp Grayling Conservation Club has sponsored the running of the buck pole.  Hunters are awarded prizes in various categories such as first buck for the day or youngest hunter. The deer are not only weighed but the antlers are measured and a scoring system takes into consideration total spread, number of points, and length of points assigns a score used to determine the best buck of the two days. The overall winner for the two days receives a new $500 scoped rifle. It is possible to win a prize in more than one category. 
Overall results for this year’s buck pole:
November 15
1. Andrew Barber, Grayling, 118 pounds, 71 ¾
2. Tyler Sutton, Bay City, 142 pounds, 119 ¼
3. Russ Dehart, Lewiston, 74 pounds, 19 ¾
4. John Dickson, Grayling, 110 pounds, 73
5. Tanya Rice, Grayling, 127 pounds, 75
6. John Morin, Grayling, 115 pounds, 51
7. Norm Thomas, Shelby Township, 155 pounds, 134
8. Ron Geduilas, Warren, 125 pounds, 85 ¼
9. Anthony Morse, Grayling, 148 pounds, 111 1/4   
Awards for day one included: oldest hunter – Geduilas; youngest hunter – Morse; heaviest buck – Thomas; largest rack – Thomas; first woman – Rice; first buck – Barber.
November 16
1. Bill Reichelderfer, Roscommon, 137 pounds, 122 ½
2. Arrilyn Schneider, St. Helen, 110 pounds, 72
3. Brian Jacobs, Frederic, 134 pounds, 99
4. Mark Winter, White Lake, 139 pounds, 82 ½
5. Mark Jacobs, Grayling, 123 pounds, 84 ½
6. Perry Papendick, Grayling, 150 pounds, 111
7. Brayden Lindh, Iverson Township, 115 pounds, 64 ½
8. Scott Gabriel, Grayling, 140 pounds, 90 ½
9. Travis Schreiber, Grayling, 115 pounds, 47
10. Aaron Weaver, Frederic, 145 pounds, 118 ½
11. Devin Geiger, Riverview, 158 pounds, 126 ¾
12. Jacob Meyer, Frederic, 160 pounds, 100
13. Thomas Wellman, Grayling, 105 pounds, 21 ¼
Awards for day two included: oldest hunter – Wellman; youngest hunter – Schneider; heaviest buck – Meyer; largest rack – Geiger; first woman – Schneider; first buck – Reichelderfer.
Thomas, for his buck brought in on day one of the competition, won the grand prize, a scoped rifle. His buck had the largest rack score of the 22 bucks entered into the 2020 Orangecoat Round-up.

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