Michigan Cup skiers enjoy a day of food, fellowship, and friendly competition during event at Hanson Hills

No bibs. No timers. Just skiing, fellowship, and food.
A few dozen cross country skiers participated in the Michael Seaman Memorial MI Cup Team Ski Day on Saturday, January 4, at Hanson Hills Recreation Area.
Justin Andre, Director of Operations for Grayling Recreation Authority, said the event offers Michigan Cup racers an opportunity to kick off the racing season with a relaxed day of skiing and a potluck meal.
“This is kind of a kick off of the season,” Andre said. “It’s more for ski camaraderie than skiing itself. Just a fun social event for us.”
The skiers – both men and women – had two different course options, and they could ski with people on their own Michigan Cup teams, with skiers on other teams, or alone, Andre said. Participants did not wear race bibs and no official times were recorded, but the event featured “friendly competition” by having team members keep track of how many laps they completed on their chosen courses.
Skiers had from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. to ski during the event. They could stop and take a break at the recently renovated lodge at Hanson Hills during the four-hour window. 
In 2019, Hanson Hills Recreation Area completed a $300,000 renovation project on the exterior of its lodge – new windows, new siding, new doors, new roof – and Andre said this year’s Michael Seaman Memorial MI Cup Team Ski Day helped showcase the improvements.
“It’s a special one for us because we get to highlight the renovation,” Andre said.

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